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With decades of industry experience from our leadership team, we know what it takes to get the job done. Our resort partners trust Premier Resorts Group to provide the impact of a large sales operation with the sincerity and transparency of a small company. Premier Resorts Group has been on the front lines helping a number of legacy resorts move their inventory, retain existing clients, manage delinquent owners and push resort sales and marketing into the next phase of your resort.
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Product Innovation

Through partnerships with exchange companies like RCI. We have the ability to deliver the most innovative products on the market. As the industry changes its important to be able to adjust with the times. We are fortunate to be an approved RCI Pure Points vendor. In the current market, owners want the satisfaction of know they have an “out” with their ownership. Our leadership team has guided a number of HOA’s into the next phase of the industry through conversion of the a “trust based” ownership product allowing for more sales and exceptional maintenance fee collection rates while no longer having to exercise traditional foreclosure practices for non-payment. 

We’ve spent years standing up to the big companies and combating the shady practices that plague the timeshare sphere. Our partners know that we’ll fight for their rights and help them stay active in an ever-shifting industry.  We provide our HOA’s with the highest integrity in the business. To complement our values, PRG provides a high-level service that can’t be matched by any other sales organization. We handle everything from sales and marketing, to collections, inventory management and owner exit requests. As an HOA, you’ll be free to maintain your existing policies and run your resort the way that you see fit leave and leave the client management and the selling to us.

Clear, Concise, and Cutting-Edge

Premier Resorts Group is proud to deliver the highest-quality sales operation on the market. We constantly strive to create innovative products that bring the resort industry into the modern era. Our clients can rely on us to provide:

  • Powerful sales operations that deliver
  • Innovative and effective marketing plans
  • Updated contracts with compliant with all state regulators
  • Highly reduced delinquency percentages
  • Quality customer service for both partners and guests

Your Resort, Your Way

You’re proud of your resort. You’ve spent decades cultivating the perfect environment for your guests, and you don’t want to change things just to meet the standards of a large corporation. At the same time, you’re looking for a sales team that can help you sell more inventory and maintain the financial health of your resort.

At PRG, we believe that legacy resorts should be allowed to keep their properties the way they’re intended to be. We fight for every HOA’s right to follow their own guidelines while seeking financial stability and appealing to a modern market.
When you work with PRG, you work with a team that truly cares. Contact us to become our next partner.

Welcome to Premier Resorts Group.
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